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Web Design


For over a decade, I took the lead in designing and shaping the domain. In its latest iteration, I collaborated with an exceptional ad firm to enhance its appeal. Serving as a comprehensive gateway for end-users and a powerful lead-generation engine, the website features a multitude of lead-capturing landing pages with both gated and ungated content to nurture and grow leads effectively.

With over 300+ pages, stands as the authoritative source for patient relationship management. The website seamlessly integrates with various systems, including WordPress, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Sumo, utilizing a robust CMS to achieve its strategic goals.


This venture holds a special place – alongside two dedicated partners, we embarked on a journey challenging giants like GettyImages and Adobe Stock. Together, we pioneered a robust image search engine and crafted a niche product tailored for a specific segment of the stock image industry. Our focus was on supporting customers in need of stock images for templates and resale products.

From ground zero to an impressive portfolio of 4 million images, I personally reached out to thousands of artists, establishing partnerships to showcase and sell their work on SolidStockArt. For a rewarding five-year span, SolidStockArt thrived as a creative hub, and in 2016, we successfully sold the company, marking a chapter of achievement and growth.

SR Health 

Solutionreach subsidiary, focusing on enterprise hospitals, utilized as a lead-gen website. Through landing pages with gated and ungated content, it captured and nurtured leads. The CMS HubSpot-powered site featured hundreds of assets, from blog posts to white papers. In 2022, SR Health merged back into Solutionreach.

SolutionTeach Virtual Conference   

As part of Solutionreach's initiatives, I orchestrated the SolutionTeach Virtual Conference, a tailored event for our valued customers. Themed as a fun, illustrative virtual campus, I curated the design elements, including backgrounds, buttons, and icons, to enhance the overall conference experience and visually engage participants.

Landing Pages 

Throughout my career, I've led the design of thousands of landing pages, often creating multiple versions for A/B testing and optimization. The examples below showcase just a glimpse of the diverse range of landing pages I've designed, each tailored for maximum impact and engagement.